A natural marvel
between land & sea

The Château was the first estate purchased by Louis Fabre, which he kept particularly dear to his heart.
He took great care of it by using modern farming techniques. Back then, Louis Fabre was at the forefront of winemaking and used his favourite piece of land to conduct his tests.
The estate is a natural marvel with dense and luxuriant vegetation revealing remarkable diversity. The camellia, which is now the symbolic flower of Saint Honoré, was the protagonist in the family’s beautiful story. Unusually large captivating pink camellias flourish across the estate.

Louis Fabre’s mother loved these flowers. After each visit to Saint Honoré, Henri Fabre used to bring back a bouquet of camellias for his grandmother.
The terroir of Château Saint Honoré brings out another side of Provence: the seaside, where fish are caught to make bouillabaisse and cork bark is used to serve it. The Fabre family wanted to share this Provençal way of life in their wines.

" Between Toulon and Saint-Tropez,
Château Saint Honoré is ideally located between the Mediterranean Sea
and the Massif des Maures."

Le Château Saint-Honoré est situé entre la Mer Méditerranée et le Massif des Maures
Le terroir du Château Saint Honoré fait partie de la dénomination Côtes-de-Provence La Londe

An exceptional terroir

The 65 hectares of terraced vineyards overlook Fort de Brégançon
and the Golden Islands, surrounded by strawberry trees, cork oaks and mimosas.

Nestled in an area known for its shale soil, the estate offers a range of typical Provençal grape varieties, suitable for making excellent rosés such as Syrah, Cinsault and Grenache. The exceptional amount of sunshine and proximity to the sea, which helps control the hot temperatures, offer optimal wine growing conditions.

After 10 years of biodynamic farming, the estate now uses ultra-sustainable farming methods. The Fabre family chose this growing method out of conviction and respect for their land.
Maintaining the richness of the soil is one of the key conditions for keeping healthy vines and obtaining good quality grapes, which is the necessary element for great wines.

“La Londe” appellation

The climate and this exceptional terroir gave rise to a famous designation of origin in 2008:
the Côte de Provence La Londe appellation.

This name guarantees compliance with the rules of winemaking and precise blends and imposes strict regulations. Château Saint Honoré's wines are the finest expression of this appellation to which it belongs.

A unique wine

An enjoyable rosé, typical of the seaside that knows how to tickle your taste buds !

AOP Côtes de Provence La Londe
Tradition Wine

Château Saint Honoré

AOP Côtes de Provence La Londe

This noble vineyard surrounded by vines and delicately nestled between hills and sun, offers a typical seaside Rosé.
The nose is delicate and fruity with aromas plum. The palate is fresh and crisp, but nevertheless rich with acidulated aromes persistent thoughout the tasting.

Cuvée Saint-Honoré rosé
Tradition Wine

Château Saint Honoré

Cuvée Saint-Honoré rosé

This estate full of nobility offers a typical of the seaside rosé, intense in the nose and dominated by the red fruits.